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This is the information presented at the exhibition engagement event for the

future Watton-at-Stone Neighbourhood Plan.


About this Consultation

The Watton-at-Stone Neighbourhood Plan is

reaching its final stage. This exhibition and consultation is an opportunity for you to review the

Plan and give your views. The Plan will cover:

• vision and objectives for the Parish

• future housing development in Watton-at-Stone

• proposed changes to the green-belt boundary

• recreational facilities

• the environment, including green spaces

• protecting views

• village assets including heritage sites.


Draft policies are on display, including those for the proposed housing sites.


What is a Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan is a set of community-led planning policies about development, regeneration and conservation in a specified area, which forms part of the formal planning

policy for the area concerned. Once adopted, our Plan will sit alongside the East Herts District Plan as part of East Herts District Council’s planning policy for the period up to 2033, including specifying how much new

housing is expected to be built in Watton-at-


Consultation: 19 January 2020

Stone. Most importantly, our Neighbourhood

Plan will be designed by you, for your parish.


The Neighbourhood Plan is our opportunity to shape new development in our parish. Most plans contain a vision, objectives, planning policies and proposals for improving the area or providing new facilities. They often identify sites for

specific kinds of development. A plan might deal with a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues (such

as housing, employment, heritage and transport). Plans can include very specific policies about the form that any new

development should take.


The Watton-at-Stone Neighbourhood Plan will give us a much greater say in any development in the parish. It will allow us

to influence where new development is located and what it might look like. It will aim to shape development proposals from

the outset, rather than having to wait to respond to planning applications which are already some way down the line. It will

make sure that local needs and preferences are clearly stated and taken into account as regards future development in our parish.

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