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Our objectives for the Parish of Watton-at-Stone:

Housing development: 


  • Delivery of a housing growth strategy tailored to the needs and context of WAS.

  • Ensure that new housing developments prioritise brownfield sites where possible.

  • Ensure any new housing is in keeping with the surrounding area, presenting favourable vistas and enriching the area. It should protect the village’s historical and semi-rural character, which is exemplified by the Conservation Area.

  • Development should be of high-quality design with a mix of house types. It should include homes suitable for villagers wishing to downsize.

  • To retain the size and character of the village, any new development will lie low within the Beane Valley. New development will have a density that is sensitive to a semi-rural setting.

  • Development will keep a clear boundary to the village.


Sustainable, affordable, accessible transport:


  • To promote safe, accessible public streets and spaces.

  • Seek to reduce traffic and parking impacts from development and encourage sustainable transport, especially bus services, cycle routes and footpaths; and ensure appropriate parking solutions that are sensitive to the Parish’s unique character.




  • To position development within easy walking distance of bus stops, the school, Watton Place Clinic, the shops and other village facilities.

  • Support the village’s key community services and facilities. These include shops and pubs; open spaces such as the allotments, The Lammas, Watton Green, The Meadow and the village playgrounds. The community halls, school, Children’s Centre, Scout Hut and health centre will also be supported.

  • Seek ongoing improvements to utility infrastructure and to digital connectivity.

  • Ensure adequate provision for parish children to attend the local school.

  • Encourage development of new football facilities on the outskirts of the village.




  • Make the most of WAS’s rural aspect by protecting views, providing good access, and enhancing and maintaining conservation, wildlife and biodiversity. Encourage opportunities offered by the River Beane, to promote access and increase visibility of the water course, while safeguarding the environmental and wildlife needs.

  • Protect the parish’s distinct rural identity and landscape setting, protecting key views and vistas.

  • Protect the historic fabric and environment, including listed buildings, and the Conservation Area and its setting.

  • To use land efficiently and to preserve high-quality agricultural land, including the allotments.

  • Minimise the risk of flooding.

  • Encourage appropriate use of Green Belt for sensitively designed outdoor




  • Continue to be an attractive, diverse, well ordered and vibrant community in which residents, visitors and businesses can thrive.

  • Encourage the availability of high speed broadband throughout the Parish.

  • To support local businesses and employment opportunities, including home working unless their development of a business would lead to significant detrimental effect on the environment or landscape.

  • Encourage the use of public transport and support and encourage bus service provision.

  • Promote and maintain the current network of cycle paths, footways and public footpaths.