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Site assessment June 2017



In June, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group commissioned AECOM to carry out an assessment of the sites we identified in our consultations as potentially developable.


The scope of this work is:

·Undertake a site visit

·Completion of site assessment proformas for 21 sites - this will include a high level assessment of the key sites (S1, S2, S13, S17 and S18) against the purposes of the green belt (see the Consultation 1 exhibition boards for which are the key sites)

·Consolidation of results

·Indicative housing capacities

·Indicative levels of CIL for the green belt sites


We anticipate that the report will be ready by early November.


This work is being undertaken through a Locality UK scheme. Our Neighbourhood Plan qualifies because it is a complex plan, given that we are potentially making site allocation recommendations and have not been given a 'target' number of housing units by the District Plan. This assessment is funded by Locality UK.






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