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Phase 2 (COMPLETED):

Following the consultation and evidence-gathering processes, the Steering Committee pulled together the emerging themes and policies for the Neighbourhood Plan.There was a further round of consultation about these developing concepts, which began on 26 November 2016. The results of this second consultation are available as a download.


Phase 3 (UNDERWAY):

The final plan will be written up and supporting evidence assembled. This is the phase we are working on now (Spring 2021). Updates are posted on our News page. A formal eight week consultation will follow on the detail of the plan in summer 2021.


Phase 4: 

The plan will be submitted to EHDC to go through their formal processes, including a further six week consultation, review by an external examiner and finally a referendum. If the majority of those who vote are in favour, the plan will be formally adopted by EHDC and become part of the official planning policy for our parish.


What is the process?

Preliminaries (COMPLETED): 

The decision to create a Neighbourhood Plan for Watton-at-Stone Parish was taken at a village meeting in November 2015. A meeting of the Parish Council and people who had expressed an interest was held in January 2016, during which the Steering Committee was chosen to lead and co-ordinate development of the plan, on behalf of the Parish Council. The Steering Group is following the process illustrated below.


Phase 1 (COMPLETED): 

Starting with a blank sheet of paper, the Steering Committee collected existing evidence about the parish, and ideas from people living and working in the parish about issues relevant to the Neighbourhood Plan. The Open Day on Saturday, 23rd April 2016 was the start of the broad consultation process. The exhibition boards from the Open Day are available as a download.


The Open Day was followed by six weeks of active consulting by the Steering Committee, Parish Council and wider volunteers, going from door-to-door to ask questions, speaking to landowners, local businesses and other employers, and anyone else interested in the future development of the parish's residential housing, commercial properties and wider amenities.

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